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Tracy Eibel, Human Resources Generalist

Cleveland Brothers

Tell us a little bit about your career at Cleveland Brothers (when did you start, what was your title, etc.)

I actually worked part time at Cleveland Brothers back in 2006-2008, helping out mostly in Human Resources.  I was let go during the recession and found other part time work.  However, years later, in 2012, I was looking for a full time job and learned that CB was hiring.  I came in as the Administrative Assistant in Fleet, where I worked for 1 year.  I was thrilled to be hired into the Human Resources Department as their Administrative Assistant, which is my title today.

At a high level, provide a summary of your current responsibilities at Cleveland Brothers? What’s your typical work day?

I assist all the HR professionals on a daily basis.  I spend a great deal of my time working people through the new hire process the entire way through orientation.  I assist employees with benefits questions, including enrolling new employees in benefit plans.  Each year I assist with open enrollment.  I am also responsible for maintaining the employee data base and keeping track of hires, transfers and terminations and reports that go with them.  I have training responsibilities which include updating training records for the technicians and supporting personnel with respect to self-studies.  Finally, I conduct employee verifications and have daily contact with any number of employees fielding their questions and requests for assistance.

With such a rich history in Pennsylvania, describe what it means to work for Cleveland Brothers.

I grew up passing our facility every day on my way to school and many times thought how great it would be to work here, right where I grew up.  I spent many years away from my home town, but when I returned, it was a great joy to finally have a career at the very place I had once thought would be a great place to work.  I love my job and love Western Pennsylvania.

Describe what it means to work for a Caterpillar dealer. What are the benefits or advantages?

I am proud to work for a Caterpillar dealer and to be a part of a global brand.  It is definitely a recognized name and people always ask me for more information about Cleveland Brothers when I mention where I work.  I am always glad to tell them all I can.

Why did you choose to work at Cleveland Brothers over other companies?

I really enjoyed the people who I met when I worked here part-time.  When I was looking for full time work, I liked that this was close to home and was already confident I would like the company.

What is special about working at Cleveland Brothers?

I enjoy being able to help people with their questions regarding HR matters.  As I have mentioned earlier, I think the employees are wonderful people and make my job great.  There can always be difficult days, but in the end, I hope I make a difference in someone’s day.

If you were to describe Cleveland Brothers in three words, what would they be?

Professional, positive, constant

Describe the work culture at Cleveland Brothers.

We are constantly striving as a company to improve our work culture by seeking feedback from our employees.

What kind of future do you see Cleveland Brothers having?

I hope to see my career moving forward.  I feel there is a great chance for advancement at Cleveland Brothers and I hope I get to witness that first hand.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for Cleveland Brothers?

Make sure you fill out the entire application and submit your resume if you have one!


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